Monday, November 14, 2011

The Dragon Reborn

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Continuing on with my readings of the Wheel of Time series, I have just finished book 3, The Dragon Reborn. Of the books I've read thus far, this is my favorite.

We spend very little time following Rand in this book, until the very end. Throughout this book, Rand's point of view is limited to a few short passages. I actually enjoyed being able to follow the other characters more extensively.

The character that is followed most through this book is Perrin. He is my favorite character (he reminds me of my husband). He is still grappling with his connection to wolves and it is made even more difficult by the dreams he has. He goes into dreams and sees a wolf he knows is dead. This wolf acts as a guide through the dreams.

A new character is introduced, one who will be very pivotal to Perrin's character development. Zarine Bashere, or Faile as she chooses to be called, is a strong-willed girl and stubborn to the core. She is very interested in Perrin, and you can feel their relationship grow through the book. Although Perrin will not admit to liking her, he eventually comes around.

Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve get into trouble doing work for the Amyrlin, tracking the Black Ajah. Egwene in particular learns much about her strength in the One Power and finds a way to help them get out of the trouble they get in.

Mat and Thom (who all had previously believed to be dead) went on a rescue mission to save the girls. Mat is finding, after being healed in Tar Valon, that he is missing much of his memory. But at the same time, it is being replaced with memories that are not entirely his. He learns that he is extremely lucky...when it comes to random chance. Any pattern doesn't always go his way, but random acts always go his way.

Loial, the Ogier, continues taking notes on the three ta'varen (Mat, Perrin, and Rand) so that he can write his book. He considers returning to the stedding (where the Ogier live), but decides he can't pass up on the stories that he gets traveling with the group.

Rand, in his short blurbs, is really struggling. He is a confused man at this point and has no real control over the One Power. He finds himself in dreams, unsure of who to trust in them.

I'm looking forward to continuing on in The Shadow Rising. (I'm sure it'll take at least another month to finish this one too.)