Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Iron King

This book ended up recommended to me by Goodreads based on what I'd been reading. I kind of went in to it with a bit of skepticism. It just didn't really seem like my kind of book, but I went for it anyway. Especially since the local library had it. So, I checked it out, read it, and found myself sucked in before too long.

Meghan Chase leads a boring life in Louisiana with her mom, stepdad, and half-brother. She's the farthest thing from popular at school, but she has a best friend who is there for her no matter what. Then, she turns sixteen and everything changes.

What Meghan Chase doesn't know, is that the world of Fey, all those faeries from Shakespeare and other stories, really exists.

She ends up on this epic adventure to save her little brother and meets her real father. Plus, she discovers that her best friend is Puck.

I really got drawn into this story when she started to realize what was happening in the world around her. I am so excited to read the next book, so that I can see what happens next to Meghan.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Tik-Tok of Oz

**Book 1 * Book 2 * Book 3 * Book 4 * Book 5 * Book 6 * Book 7**

Continuing with my read of the Oz series to the 4 year old, we read book 8, Tik-Tok of Oz. I had some problems with this book because it seems the author forgot some of his earlier stories since there are a lot of inconsistencies that happened in this one.

We got to see Shaggy Man and Polychrome again, both of which I quite enjoyed. Tik Tok obviously makes an appearance. We also see the Nomes again, specifically the king and his chamberlain. But we also meet a slew of new characters like the "army of Oogaboo" led by Queen Ann Soforth. We also meet the Rose Princess who is named Ozga, a cousin of Ozma the ruler of Oz. Betsy Bobbin and her mule Hank are the first new characters we meet though, and they come from America like Dorothy.

There is this huge adventure where Shaggy Man is trying to find his long lost brother. This long lost brother was taken by the king of the Nomes and held hostage. So Shaggy is on a mission to rescue him. And all the rest of the group helps him out, some for selfish reasons, some for selfless reasons.

It was a good book, and I'm happy to continue reading through the series with my daughter.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Dangerous Creatures

I saw this book and I had a total girly OMG moment. Why? Well, remember a while back, I read Beautiful Creatures and its sequels? Yeah, this is a spin off series of that one. But where those books followed Lena and Ethan's love story, these books are going to follow Ridley and Link's "love" story. I was crazy stoked for that.

Of course, through an actual read of it, it wasn't a stellar book. But I went in not expecting a great work of literature. It's a young adult novel and those tend towards a lighter side than some adult novels tend to. Now, don't get me wrong. This book is not all fluffy bunnies and happily ever afters. It's actually a bit dark.

Ridley and Link have the complicated relationship of these books. They love each other, but the act of saying those words is hard. Link doesn't have a problem since he's three quarters mortal and one quarter Blood Incubus. But Ridley struggles because she's a Dark Caster and a Siren to boot. She struggles to believe that Link actually does love her because it's hard for her to trust what anyone says to her. She has the power to manipulate people to say whatever she wants them to.

But, she lost at a card game and the cost was a drummer (Link) and a house marker which leaves her vulnerable to being forced to do whatever Lennox Gates wants for a year. But Ridley won't tell Link about any of this.

Lennox Gates has his own secrets to hide. One of which involves a plot against Ridley and Link. But things happen that Nox doesn't expect and he ends up working to unravel all the traps he's helped to lay.

This book, however, ended in a freaking cliffhanger! I'm so mad and yet so impatient to get the next book so that I can keep reading about Link and Ridley. It's frustrating!