Monday, October 27, 2014


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I have to admit, I was a little torn on whether I would read this book. I wasn't in love with the last book, and I was getting tired of the mystery of A. But I went for this book and I read it anyway. I'm glad I did.

This book starts with complete turmoil for our four girls.

Hanna is in a coma after being hit by A at the end of the last book. She had been going to tell the others about who A really was, since she had figured it out. Of course, when she wakes up, she doesn't remember that day at all. Well, that sucks. She'll eventually remember, and then things get interesting. Not only that, but her best friend Mona is starting to be nice to her again and her dad is actually taking an interest in spending time with her.

Aria is miserable. Ezra lost his job because of their relationship. Aria is still not allowed back to her home. To top it off, she's stuck living with her dad and his new girlfriend - the one who ruined her parents' marriage. She starts taking an art class and talks to Jenna, the girl they blinded. In these conversations, she learns something very important about The Jenna Thing.

Emily is shipped off to Iowa because she's gay. Totally harsh in my opinion, since she's being sent to probably the worst people ever. Emily's aunt and uncle are so repressive that they don't realize their children have been rebelling for months. She doesn't stay there for long, but while she's there, she meets a new girl who ends up appearing in Rosewood after Emily returns home. Her parents do become more accepting - sort of.

Spencer's life is, well, confusing. Her family knows that she cheated and stole her sister's essay, which has earned her a Golden Orchid nomination. Her mother insists that she shouldn't tell anyone that she cheated and that she will win this award. It's confusing and she's remembering things about Ali's last night, things that scare her.

The good thing about this book is that we finally discover who A is and why she's been blackmailing the girls. That was an exciting part of the book. There's also someone who ends up arrested for Ali's murder. I'm not entirely sure this person did it, but I'm sure that will be clarified in a coming book.

Saturday, October 25, 2014


I have to admit something to you guys. I went into this book feeling a little unsure. Why, you ask? Well, if you check out the reviews on Goodreads, this book does not rank well. So I thought for sure I'd have the same feelings as a lot of the reviewers. You know, bad character writing, characters reacting in a way that they really shouldn't, things like that. And while I agree that the characters should have reacted to certain things a lot better than they did, I didn't find this book as abhorrent as others did. I also finished reading the book, which, as you'll see by the reviews, a lot of people didn't do.

So, here's the story. Graylee is a witch. She has an identical twin sister, Charlene. Now, Charlene is, well, to be blunt, she's a bitch. She's a magical bitch. It makes for bad times.

The synopsis on Goodreads says that Graylee dies, so I was very confused when I was several chapters in and that hadn't happened. Then, it did, suddenly and with no actual "Graylee died" part. Just Graylee getting sick after eating some chocolate that her (kind of crazy) twin sister had made and then Graylee waking up, being confused because she's in her sister's bedroom.

Over the course of the book, Graylee discovers that she's now sharing Charlene's body, her mother had performed a resurrection spell that went wrong, and now the twins alternate days that they have control of the body.

Graylee has to figure out how she died and how she can get complete control of a body, all while pretending to be Charlene and finding herself in increasingly uncomfortable situations that her sister sets her up in on her days.

I genuinely despised Charlene. I found her to be a psychotic girl who would kill anyone who got in her way. She's revealed early on to have been blocking her sister's powers for five years because she felt threatened as the important daughter. She is truly a despicable character.

It wasn't a fabulous books, but it wasn't that terrible either. I actually enjoyed it and I was enthralled by the end and wanted to know if Graylee would succeed in getting out of her sister's body or not. Not a must-read book, but not one to actively avoid either.

Monday, October 20, 2014


This was an interesting book. I wasn't expecting what I got, so I was pleasantly surprised. But it was still kind of a slow book. But I'm hooked on dystopian YA novels

Bluebell is about to leave Training Tech, the school that all children of Concord are required to attend (and live at) from the age of 5 to the age of 17. After they turn 17, they are branded with an X or an O - determining their fertility. They also get assigned to their career path after they leave. They also finally get to spend time with the opposite sex - the first time in twelve years.

Bluebell decides that she will accept whatever her brand tells, whether she is fertile or not. She comes from an influential family, so she'll be able to secure a good place in life and not be relegated to Guardian at Training Tech.

But Bluebell's brand is not what anyone expected. She is branded as a Lush. She is so fertile that she will have no trouble producing many children. Not only that, but she becomes an ambassador for Concord. She is to be what people should aspire to become. A Lush could help bring the population back to where it should be.

Something isn't right though. Someone is keeping a secret from Bluebell and she is having trouble discovering what it it.

It was a fascinating story. It's book one of a trilogy, so I'm really excited to see what happens to Bluebell next.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Dark Matter Heart

This book confused me for about half of it. It's supposed to be a vampire novel, but the author kind of dances around the vampire subject until the second half of the book.

Cor moves to the Pacific Northwest from LA. He has a number of issues. He's "allergic" to the sunlight. He doesn't sleep much, or at all. He also has this knack for attracting trouble without wanting to.

When a series of murders that began in LA follow him to his new town, he has to rush to figure out who is doing this, and trying to frame him. People that he comes in contact with end up dead. Even stranger, they end up dead, with their carotid artery opened and their blood drained. You know, like a vampire would do.

Cor is a vampire, except he doesn't really come out and say it until he's trying to find The Creeper, the man he suspects is committing these horrible murders and framing him.

I don't know. It was a good book, but there was just a lot of alluding to vampirism without coming out with it. But, I will admit, it's much better than some of those vampire novels that gained all the popularity (I'm looking at you Twilight).

This is only book one of a trilogy, so I'm hoping that the next two have more of the vampire story to them.


**Book 1 * Book 2**

I didn't love Perfect as much as I enjoyed the first two books. It seemed a little bit forced comparatively.

It's the same basic premise. The four former best friends are still being messaged by the mysterious A. And A is still a mystery. But this time it's worse. A has started spilling secrets about them.

Emily is starting to feel like she might actually be gay. Her feelings towards Maya are growing. Because of how Emily feels her parents would react if they found out, she makes their relationship a secret. Until the secret gets out. The chaos of this will be horrible.

Aria has been kicked out of her house. Her mother can't stand the sight of her because Aria knew about her father's affair. Not only that, but she still has feelings for Ezra, her AP English teacher. When that secret gets out, it's really bad. I'm sure that in the next book the consequences of it will be explained more.

Spencer gets nominated for a prestigious award for an essay she stole from her older sister. She's finally getting attention from her parents while her sister is being pushed to the side. But she should have known that the plagiarized paper wouldn't be secret for long. She is in so much trouble.

Hanna's life seems to have started deteriorating. Her best friend, Mona, is starting to distance herself. So Hanna is going back to old habits of binge eating her feelings. Her father won't talk to her, either. Hanna ends up humiliated because of A's cruelty. Her fate is actually the cliffhanger of this book.

I'm still patiently waiting for A's identity to be revealed. I'm sure it has to be at some point, right?

Friday, October 17, 2014


Wow. What a book. It took me a few chapters to get into it, but once I did, I could not put it down.

Kala Hicks is a sniper in a super elite special ops team. The team that she is on gets a mission one night that changes Kala's life forever. The mission? Killing the president - before he makes Air Force One crash in Washington DC. Her commanding officer/boyfriend Jack forbids her from killing the president, saying that he has to be the one to do it. But Kala knows she is the best shot, so she shoots and kills the president.

What happens next is so surreal and life changing that Kala thinks she was either drugged or is going crazy. See, what happens is that she blacks out after shooting the president and in her "dream" she sits talking with Atlas (Greek god Atlas) about a mission that she is now forced to do. Every four days, she has to commit an act of atrocity or the world as she knows it will end.

Every time she sees a clock now, she doesn't see the time, she just sees a countdown to the second that the world will end if Kala does not complete her mission.

I really enjoyed this book and I think it will be a series, so I'll be keeping my eye out for more books about Kala in the future.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Glinda of Oz

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Wow. This final book of Oz was dark. Ozma and Dorothy go to visit two groups of people - the Flatheads and the Skeezers. These two peoples are preparing to go to war, which Ozma finds horrible. So the two girls head to this remote area of Oz to prevent this war.

They visit the Flatheads first, and these people are as described. They have flat heads and they carry their brains in cans. A little weird, but I found it really creative. Dorothy and Ozma meet the Supreme Dictator of the Flatheads, explain that they want to prevent the war, but the Su-Dic (as he is called), does not want to prevent this war, so he announces that he will hold the two girls prisoner until after their enemies, the Skeezers, are defeated and then he can decide what to do with them.

Naturally, the girls escape and head to the island of the Skeezers to hopefully persuade them to stop this war before it starts. But the queen of the Skeezers is a very proud woman and she refuses to bow down to Ozma as her Ruler. When the Flatheads begin their attack, Queen Coo-ee-oh makes the island sink to the bottom of the lake, with Ozma and Dorothy with all the rest of the Skeezers.

The darkness of this book really comes in the uncertainty of Dorothy and Ozma getting off the island of the Skeezers. Ozma's magic cannot raise the island, and the Wizard and Glinda are doubtful that they will be able to. It really has a major section of will they get free or won't they?

Now, I'm not going to spoil the ending, so if you would like to know if Ozma and Dorothy get off the island in this final book, you'll just have to read it for yourself.

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Magic of Oz

**Book 1 * Book 2 * Book 3 * Book 4 * Book 5 * Book 6 * Book 7 * Book 8 * Book 9 * Book 10 * Book 11 * Book 12**

These last few books are so much fun. This book is about the adventures that Ozma's friends get into while retrieving presents for her birthday. It's actually kind of a humorous set of adventures. But there is a bit of darkness around the edges.

A boy from the Munchkin country of Oz discovers a magic word that can transform people into other things. He uses this to escape from his home to go exploring the world. While he does, he encounters Ruggedo, the former Nome king. This man is not nice and he is determined to get revenge on the Oz people for having him removed from his throne. So he convinces Kiki Aru to help him conquer Oz.

While they have this plan, Trot and Cap'n Bill go to retrieve a Magic Flower that grows on an isolated island. The Glass Cat had discovered it, and Trot and Cap'n Bill are determined to get it to give to Ozma for her birthday. This Magic Flower is really cool. It blooms different flowers and as soon as they get to full blossom, it dies and a new one blooms. I want one.

Dorothy and the Wizard go to a forest in Munchkin Land to borrow a dozen monkeys. They want to train the monkeys and then put them in a cake. This plan is a little lackluster, but it's really not a huge part of the story, so it's not a big deal.

The mishaps they all get into cracked me up. I thoroughly enjoyed the way that the story ended. This was a very silly and great ending.

I'm sad that there is only one book left, and I hope that it will be a great read.

Monday, October 6, 2014

The Tin Woodman of Oz

**Book 1 * Book 2 * Book 3 * Book 4 * Book 5 * Book 6 * Book 7 * Book 8 * Book 9 * Book 10 * Book 11**

Well, this was a fun little book. You get the Scarecrow and the Tin Man on an adventure with a wanderer named Woot. They're on a mission to find the Tin Woodman's former paramour, Nimmie Amee. He promised to marry her before he became a tin man. After he became tin, he found he could no longer love.

Now, he's Emperor of the Winkies and he has decided (with encouraging from Woot) to make Nimmie Amee the Empress. He has a heart, and while it isn't a loving heart, it is a kind heart, so he feels he could make her happy.

So off they go, and they get into some odd mishaps in the process, including being changed in a Tin Owl, a Scarecrow Bear, and a Green Monkey. We also see some other awesome old friends, and they only introduce a couple of new characters.

I enjoyed this book. I'm down to only two books in this series, which is a little sad. I just hope that they keep being great like these last few books have been.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

**Book 1 * Book 2 * Book 3**

I so adore this series. It's been on my favorite books list for years. I think it always will. And I refuse to label it as "children's" or even "YA". It's a series for everyone. It's a series that matures as it progresses.

Anyway, I am hating that it will take me forever to get through this series. I love reading it with Pottermore. That website is so much fun and I like the new information that is littered through the chapters.

This book is definitely a more serious tone than the earlier books are. Harry is suddenly thrust into a dangerous tournament. The Triwizard Tournament, which has three tasks (the number three is oddly important in this book), is supposed to be just for students that are over 17. But somehow, Harry's name is chosen to be a fourth champion. This creates a lot of tension, both among the students in Hogwarts and among the visiting schools (Durmstrang and Beauxbatons).

Harry has to deal with so much craziness over the course of this tournament. The end is not a fun time and you discover that one of the people that Harry has come to trust, shouldn't have been trusted. The dark ending is something that will affect the rest of the series.

God I love these books. I can't wait until Pottermore opens up Order of the Phoenix so that I can enjoy that book as well.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


**Book 1**

So much intrigue! I'm still trying to figure out who the mysterious "A" is. I thought it was going to be Toby, the boy who took the blame for The Jenna Thing. But, yeah, no.

Things in this book go completely crazy. Spencer is with her sister's ex-boyfriend, and things are getting serious. But her family has basically shunned her for it. She doesn't even have access to her parents' money anymore. Not only that, but A is threatening to spill about what Spencer knows regarding The Jenna Thing that the other three girls don't know.

Hanna's life is spiraling out of control after her brushes with the law. Her father is back in her life! But it comes at a major price. Not only that, but she's seeing herself as the chubby ugly girl she was in seventh grade.

Aria's family is officially falling apart. A is going to tell about her father's affair if Aria doesn't do something about it first. This causes all sorts of stress and drama for Aria.

Emily's issues are of the sexuality type. She's starting to seriously question whether or not she's gay, and A is threatening to spread pictures of her kissing Maya. Emily's ex-boyfriend starts attempting to sexually assault her every chance he gets in order to get her to prove she's not a lesbian.

There is just so much drama in this book and the big mystery isn't solved. A few of the ones that were brought up in the first book are solved, but you still don't know who A is, and what reason she really has for being this vindictive.