Monday, February 6, 2012

The Fires of Heaven

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Continuing on with the Wheel of Time series, I finished The Fires of Heaven, book five in a soon to be 14 book series.

This book was a little bit slower, and I definitely didn't enjoy it as much. This book follows Rand, Mat, Egwene, Aviendha, and Moiraine in a trek through Cairhein to save the world Rand knows from the Shaido Aiel, who are out to conquer the continent. We also follow Nynaeve and Elayne (with Thom) traveling all over the place hunting out Black Ajah, and eventually a gathering of Aes Sedai that have separated from the White Tower.

I think, all things considered, that this book trudged through a lot of parts that seemed less important to the grand scheme of the story line. I won't say that I hated it, because if I had hated it, this would be where my Wheel of Time reading would end. I just would have preferred if the story had been a little more enthralling.

This book is more of a transitory book. It's a just get through it book (although that are some nice battle scenes) and move on with the series. Which I've started doing.