Saturday, March 30, 2013

By the Shores of Silver Lake

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I'm still enjoying reading these with my three year old. In this book, the Ingalls family moves...again. But this is supposed to be their final move. They take a homestead in South Dakota, somewhere that is uninhabited at the beginning, but by the end, has the makings of a full town.

The book starts a little sad. The entire family, prior to this book, but after the last book (a few years pass between the two books), suffers from scarlet fever. Mary lost her eyesight, so now she's blind and Laura has to see out loud for her.

It's a book that shows what it was like to homestead and set up a town. I'm excited to see what the next book has in store.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Towers of Midnight

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Wow. I must say, I'm really enjoying these last books. The whole convoluted story lines are finally coming together and resolving. Unanswered questions are being answered.

Perrin spends this book making peace with his wolf side. He learns how to control it and not allow it to control him. He takes leadership of an entire army and accepts that this is who he is becoming.

Mat and Thom plan to save Moiraine, who hasn't been seen for several books. She was assumed dead, but the discovery of where she is and what has happened to her is interesting.

Elayne is dealing with her pregnancy (twins from Rand) as well as she can be. Her radical mood swings are finally settling and now she's just having to deal with her family's reaction to not only the pregnancy, but the father.

Aviendha learns something very troubling about her future line (also, it was probably the hardest two chapters of the book for me to read).

Egwene is finally fully Amyrlin of the White Tower. But, she's trying to discover a Forsaken in her midst which causes a whole bunch of issues for her. She also has to deal with some difficulty from Gawyn, who she loves and who loves her.

Rand, oh Rand. He has probably the biggest change in this book. He connects with Lews Therin and fully becomes who he is meant to be. He embraces his past self and becomes the Dragon. Not just the Dragon Reborn, but the Dragon himself. But he angers many people by proclaiming that he will break the remaining seals on the Dark One's prison (which I agree with him on).

I so loved this book. And I'm really excited to get to start reading the finally book in this series. Although, I am also sort of sad that it's almost over.