Tuesday, November 25, 2014


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Wow. This book. I'm still reeling a little bit from it.

It starts right where Killer leaves off. The girls have seen Ali during the burning of the woods behind Spencer's house. Or have they? All four of them have memories of seeing her, but they've all been told that she wasn't there, she was a hallucination. But, because they told the cops that they saw her, all their credibility has gone out the window.

Their lives are ok. They don't have as much of the terrible drama that has been happening over the last several books, so things are a little calmer. Even if New A is sending them on what seem to be a bunch of wild goose chases.

Aria is trying to figure out what happened to Ali when her father suggests she might be seeing Ali's ghost and that Ali might be trying to tell the girls something. So she goes to a seance and talks to a medium. The message that she gets from Ali's ghost towards the end of the book is a game changer. I was a little shocked by it (remember, I haven't seen the show yet, which I consider a blessing right now).

Things with Spencer take a turn for the better. She finds out she wasn't adopted, but instead her parents used a surrogate to carry her. Her relationship with her parents starts to get better. Of course, New A starts hinting about a secret that Spencer's father is keeping. And boy, is it a doozy. I couldn't have predicted that one.

Emily is the only one determined to prove that Ali is still alive. She gets sent to the most remote place possible in her hunt for that. New A actually sends her to the Amish for a week. But while she's there, she learns something new and surprising about someone that we all know. At the same time, she helps someone else to heal from their own traumatic experience.

Poor Hanna though. Her dad sends her away to a mental health facility. Granted, it's a really posh one that has it's own spa in it. She's there to deal with both her eating disorder and the PTSD that she is suffering from following the time Mona hit her with the car. She learns a lot of stuff while she's there though. Even though I think some of the information is a bit misleading. We'll see how that gets cleared up.

The biggest game changer comes right at the end of the book, so I won't tell you about that. Suffice it to say that the girls get a lot of things cleared up, but a lot more questions are brought to light. There's also yet another death.

I'm surprised at how much I'm enjoying these books.

Monday, November 10, 2014


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Killer continues to follow the adventures (or misadventures) of Spencer, Aria, Emily, and Hanna. Right off the bat things aren't going well for the girls. They have just discovered Ian's dead body in the woods...or did they? The police search the woods for days but don't find any sign that his body was there, which basically discredits everything the girls will come to the police for in the future.

Spencer is dealing with this discovery that she's (likely) adopted. She gets a match on a website that finds birth mothers and goes to New York City to meet Olivia. It goes well, but things seem just a bit too perfect with Olivia. But Spencer is acting rather foolishly and plans to get an apartment in the city. That doesn't turn out well in the long run.

Aria is living with her dad and his girlfriend (fiancee?) because she can't stand to be around her mom's skeevy boyfriend Xavier. Her life isn't nearly as chaotic as the others', but she does start "dating" Ali's older brother Jason. So many things get revealed about Jason in this book, and so many questions crop up.

Emily is enjoying her new boyfriend Isaac, until she stops enjoying it. This is brought on by Isaac's rather vicious mother who essentially tells Emily to stay away from her son or else. Emily tells Isaac, but he's a bit blinded by being a mommy's boy and, though he admits that his last girlfriend told him the same thing, he thinks she's doing this just for attention.

Hanna is finally free of notes from A. She got a new phone number that she doesn't freely hand out. That doesn't mean she's free from drama by any means. In fact, her life is just as drama filled. She's being forced to spend all her time with Kate, her stepsister. But she feels Kate is being fake about her motives. They start a competition over a boy. It's all kind of petty.

Something huge gets revealed at the end of this book, but I'm not going to tell you what it is. Just know that it is a major game changer. I'm hoping that continuing to read this series will answer more questions. Even if each book poses new ones while answering others.

Sunday, November 2, 2014


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I went into this book feeling a little skeptical. I mean, Unbelievable ended with A's identity being revealed and Ian being arrested for Ali's murder. What more could there possibly be to the story? So when I started reading this book, I felt like this was going to be a sub-par book.

I was wrong. Ian is in jail awaiting trial for Ali's murder, there's a new A in town who seems even more vicious than Mona was in the first four books. Plus, there are all sorts of new mysteries being revealed.

Hanna is feeling like she's about to lose all the popularity that she worked for three years to gain. Her BFF (or not) is dead, and so she doesn't have a partner for her queen bee status. Well, except for her stepsister Kate. But is Kate who she seems to be? She acts all nice and best friendly, but there has to be something more there. Hanna is definitely struggling in this book with the whole popularity issue.

Spencer is having a terrible time. Her grandmother dies and leaves all of her money to her "naturally-born grandchildren." The only problem is, Spencer isn't listed. Is she adopted? That's the big question in this book (which doesn't actually get answered). Not only that, but she is treated differently everywhere because of her confession of cheating on the Golden Orchid essay. She's the main witness against Ian and her word is being doubted.

Aria has trouble with her mom's new boyfriend. Meaning, mom's new boyfriend has a thing for Aria. She's finally back on good terms with her mom, so she doesn't want to tell about his bad behavior and ruin everything for her family...again. Comparatively speaking, her story isn't as difficult as the other girls go through.

Now Emily, poor Emily. She's so confused in this book. Why? Well, she likes this boy. I know what you're thinking, she was all into girls in the last book, so what's going on? I wish I could tell you, but she's really into this guy, Isaac. He makes her feel what Ali, Maya, and even Trista have made her feel. Maybe it's not about liking boys or liking girls. Maybe Emily just likes who people are. Who knows, but she's definitely struggling with the fact that she has to tell people about this new development.

On top of all of this, New A is threatening them with their secrets, and she's much more vicious than Mona ever was. Someone dies in this book, and it throws the entire idea of what's been happening for a loop.

This was definitely a surprise of a book. It was not what I expected and worried it would be. I hope that more gets revealed in the next book.