Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Mr. Maybe

This was a fluffy little book. Libby is looking for her Mr. Right. She has a list of what she wants in a dream man - rich, great sex, someone that she finds attractive, someone who wants to get married.

Unfortunately, she can't seem to find all of those properties in one man. One the one hand, she has Nick. Great in bed and attractive, but broke and not ready for commitment. Libby falls for him so hard that she get almost frustrated. She hates his friends, she hates that he has no money, but she wants to be with him.

He dumps her.

She's heartbroken until she meets Ed. He's stinking rich and wants to get married. Unfortunately he has an unattractive mustache, he's ridiculously boring, and terrible in bed.

She ends up having to make a choice between the fairy tale life as a rich man's wife and being happy and in love no matter what the bank account balance is.

Just a fluffy read after some rather deep reads that I've had lately.

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