Friday, January 15, 2016


Tris is my spirit animal.

Granted, she's definitely a little broken, especially after the events that happened in the end of Divergent. She had to shoot a friend - that couldn't have been easy.

Now she has Four - Tobias - and her life is crazy. Dauntless is separated, only a handful of Abnegation are left, and Eriudite are trying to completely mind control everyone. The factions are severely broken at this point.

But there's also a secret that the Abnegation leaders knew that the leader of Eriudite is trying to hide.

This was definitely an enthralling book, but I did want to smack different characters for different reasons throughout the course of the book. Four in particular got on my nerves with some insecurity things that he went through. Tris frequently for being utterly reckless.

But overall, I was impressed with how Tris evolved over the course of this book.

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